Basic packaging

The foundation of what we do at Carlisle Container is provide industry standard packaging to our customers. If you have an item that requires new packaging, we secure a sample of the product that will be shipped and design a packaging solution. We provide you with digitally rendered and/or physical samples during this process.

We can also take your current packaging and offer you a different solution. Our design team specializes in optimizing packaging to reduce waste and excess material, reduce packaging size, improve product safety in transit (reduce damage), and create a more hassle-free packaging experience.

Common Corrugated Solutions:

• RSC (Regular Slotted Carton)
• HSC (Half Slotted Carton)
• FOL (Full Overlapping Carton)
• Auto Bottom
• 1-2-3 Bottom
• Telescope Cartons
• Folders
• Trays

Substrate options:

  • SBS (15 to 24 point)
  • E-Flute
  • B-Flute
  • C-Flute
  • D/W-Flute

Printing options:

  • Digital Printing (8 color plus white)
  • Flexographic Printing (up to 4 colors)
  • Litho Label (8 color)